I won't change my skin, just to fit your mood (chemicallyblu) wrote in superincumbent,
I won't change my skin, just to fit your mood

About being a member

(in case you have not read the previous post thread)
As being a member:
Yes you get to say who gets accepted or not, Here the Mods dont get more power just so that we can have more power. Intellegent conversations are ALWAYS encouraged!!! The more the better. We should be a place where we are constantly debating and discussing art, poetry, words, images, topics and thoughts. Post pictures, images, things you write, anything of what you see to be substance. You are basically free to be yourself. If you feel like ranting do so, feel like writing just to write please lay it on us. I would however like it if we would all post so that its a friends only post. I would like it to be set up so that only the applications are readable to anyone and everyone. Have fun and lets see how much we can push our minds over the edge.

I cant wait to enjoy what you all have to share.

* In my journal I often post images from google, or surveys.. basically things that arent just your average posts. I want us to do that as well. We will make the rules on what to post, or what not to post together. If you see something that you feel shouldnt be posted, then feel free to state that, so we can disuss what we want it to be as a whole. This is our community we make it together.
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Excellent, I will think of something to post tomorrow when the sun comes out.
I was wondering if there were any promo banners that I can use?
The banner is on the info page, go ahead and copy the image location and promo away. Thanks for asking, it lit a fire under me to get it done. :L
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