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Application at a request to join

chemicallyblu told me I should apply and after reading through your info. Page, I decided to apply...

Name: Nicolle Greer
Location: Clovis, California
Preferred Method of Madness: Writing Chaotically

Favorites: (no less than 3 no more than 5) Please explain why these things stick out in your mind
Forms of Art: Writing (It gives a person the chance to make others feel an emotion that they might have not felt at that time.) Singing (A true gift, there's something about signing that sends chills down my spine) Painting ( A look into someone's soul.. seeing what they see)
Artists: Amy Lee (Her lyrics, Her voice, Her sound in general is moving), The Cure (Their songs are mostly mellow, but they move me), Poppy Z. Brite (Her books send chills down my spine and back up again.). Not famous, Craig Calderwood (Fantastically amazing at the String bass) and Megan Scholl (Her writing ability is compared to none for her age and knowledge)
Genre of Music: Honestly, Anything with a nice voice, and good guitar
Languages: Gaelic
Books: Any of the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicals, (Very Discriptive), Poppy Z. Brite's Wormwood, (Interesting short stories), and The Song of the Two Swords, I can't remember the author (The plots and Ideas of the book are so descriptive that you know what is going on, or at least you think you do).
Movies: The Crow, (A Classic favorite of mine), Leon [better known as The Professional] (It shows that Love is not always romantic), and Requim Of a Dream (The cinamatics for that movie are simply amazing)
Plays:  A Midsummer Night's Dream (I enjoyed reading it for a class)
Pick up Lines: "Fancy a fuck?" (stright to the point and humorus)
Dance: Swing (It's happy)
Insult: hm just one? "You ignorant bastard" or simply "bastard" (of course I know not every one is a "bastard" exactly, but no one is really a bitch either now are they?)
Quotes: "Could God Build a rock so big he himself could not lift it?" (more of a rhetorical question, but still a quote) And on more of my.. less intelligent side "Jesus christ in a taxi cab" (It's funny and draws attention away from the current situation.)
Vacation Spot: Ireland, In a low populated area, with a lot of grass and trees, Because to me that would be utterly peaceful.

Unique Personality Traits: (again please explain)
1. Intelligence [these day's.. it's unique enough] (I know what I'm talking about most of the time, or I find out.. and If I can't, I convince people I'm right)
2. Persuasiveness (My ability to convince other's that I'm correct in my statements)
3. Ability to accept criticism (Sometimes, I am wrong, And when I am, I own up to it, espically on my spelling)
4. Understanding (I can usually pick out the under-lining meaning of something someone says, or more so, writes)

Based on who and what you are already, If you were turned into a ________, What and why would you be?
Tree: Laurel Oak, Short lived, Needs a lot of space
Part of House: My Bedroom, The most secure place for me to be
Household Item: Mirror, The reflection of another you.. and other possiblities
Movie: The Secret Garden, I would love to have a place like that as my own.
Genre of Time: Now, I'm happy here, even with all of the problems.. they'll be fixed soon enough
World Dictator/World Icon: None, I would never want to put myself under the view of so many
Animal: Red Tailed Hawk, Soaring above the clouds seems enchanting
Age: 22, I like the numbers, what can I say?
Character from a Brat Pack Movie: Allison Reynolds from Breakfast Club.. She's so out there, but yet her own person..

Tell us a Story that you think best describes why we should let you be one of us:
     I am a heavy internet user, less now than before, and I will admit I go into chat rooms.  I find that there are maybe two people, out of the masses, that meet my intelligence, and can actually hold a conversation.  It aggravates me when I read the things these people put, such as "I'm so depressed, I'm going to kill myself". First off, These people should kill themselves if they are stupid enough to come online, into a chat room, full of people they don't know, to try and find someone to convince them to do otherwise. These people are just craving for attention, and it is obvious, and then when you tell them what you think of them, which I so often do, They threaten you, with either them coming to your house to kick your ass, or sending a virus to your computer.  So annoying... Why do I go back you ask?  Because, honestly, I find it rather amusing to point out my intelligence over theirs.

Lastly, Pictures

An Artistic Picture of me, with a few Photoshop touches...


A more artsy picture of me... Once again.. a few photoshop touches...


 A drawing I did.. It was already hosted.. so I put it up...


An old, nice picture of me.. That's all.. thanks for your time...



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