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Name: Nicole
Location: Eastern North Carolina
Preferred Method of Madness: Chain-smoker

Favorites: (no less than 3 no more than 5) Please explain why these things stick out in your mind
Forms of Art: Poetry (a creative, condensed way to express emotion), literature (a freedom we're entitled to; we're exposed to new ideas, cultures, people, etc. through literature), paintings (reflective of the artist; enables us to look at things from a different angle), and historical landmarks (they represent the past -- both the people and culture of that age)
Artists: Counting Crows, Jewel, Alanis -- all, in my eyes, are considered poets. Their lyrics are compelling and thought-provoking.
Genre of Music: '80s,'90s, some '60s
Languages: Spanish, French, Italian (because they're considered "romantic" languages).
Books: The Lords of Discipline (Pat Conroy), De Profundis (Oscar Wilde), The Prince of Tides (Pat Conroy), Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the 20th Century (Lauren Slater), and any of Plath's journals.
Movies: 25th Hour (loved the symbolism at the end of the movie; Edward Norton played the role extremely well; monologue in the middle was probably the best monologue in a movie), The Cure (completely heart-wrenching; personal reason for this movie), and Requim For a Dream (screen shots are out of this world; Yes, I edited. Haven't slept in a day in a half).
Plays: "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" (an important play which should be shown in middle/high schools across the nation; potential school shooting from the perspective of the potential shooter)
Pick up Lines: Pick up lines are overrated. However, "What book are you reading?" would be a great one to try. Too bad I've never heard it.
Dance: Soft slow-dancing.
Insult: Anything using words the insultee couldn't comprehend.
Quotes: Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends. (25th Hour); It's not what's in a kid's backpack that makes him dangerous; it's what's in his heart. (Bang, Bang, You're Dead). I am not worried; I am not overly concerned. (Counting Crows).
Vacation Spot: Florence, Italy (buildings/rivers/old shops are amazing); London, England (best literary spot in the universe); Switzerland (neutral, relaxing spot; Swiss Alps are unbelievable).

Unique Personality Traits: (again please explain)
1. Passion for literature. It's sort-of required for English majors, but I completely bypass that requirement.
2. Open-minded. Discrimination (against anything -- sex, religion, race, sexual preference, ethnicity) is one of the biggest problems our world faces.
3. Sarcasm. Everyone says I have a "dry" sense of humor.
4. Insanely idiosyncratic. I'm compulsive when it comes to the way I do things -- whether it's how things are organized in my room or how I who I associate with and why.

Based on who and what you are already, If you were turned into a ________, What and why would you be?
Tree: Weeping Willow. Both tragic and beautiful.
Part of House: The bedroom. That's where I tend to do all of my work and I'm at complete ease when I'm there.
Household Item: Computer. Stores an incredible amount of knowledge.
Movie: Prozac Nation. Sums up my life.
Genre of Time: '60s. Make Love, Not War.
World Dictator/World Icon: Ghandi. See icon for further details.
Animal: A Cocker Spaniel. They're loyal and loving.
Age: 22 that way I'd be heading to graduate school and could drink wine whenever I desired.
Character from a Brat Pack Movie: n/a

Tell us a Story that you think best describes why we should let you be one of us:

I once knew a guy. Let's call him Will (well, because that's his name). Will and I were good friends, but he wanted more than I wanted to give (i.e. a relationship). I wouldn't date him because I didn't deem him intelligent enough. He didn't want to have any type of intellectual conversation, nor did he understand any word I used while speaking. He constantly said I made him feel "inferior" even though I didn't mean to. We didn't date because of all this and my friends called me shallow (because I judged him based on his brain rather than his looks -- go figure). So that's why: because I'm shallow.

Pictures: n/a. I do not own a cam and my scanner is completely broken. My deepest apologies
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