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Was told to join because of my poetry...

Name: Courtney...also known as Kat and Cory
Age: 17
Location: Charleston, WV
Preferred Method of Madness: poetry and an acoustic guitar

Favorites: (no less than 3 no more than 5) Please explain why these things stick out in your mind
Forms of Art: Poetry - it is a way to express your feelings and get things off your chest...music - a song is special because it can touch different people in so many different ways...abstract art - I like it because everyone can look at it and see something different, it is all your preception on things.
Artists: Ani DiFranco - she has a way with her guitar and lyrics that seem to tell the story of my life...Tret Fure - her music got me through some really hard times and her voice is awesome...Melissa Etheridge - the woman is just a god, there is nothing I can say to even being to explain her greatness...Steph Borel - she is a friend of mine and I have watched and listen to her grow musically and I just think she is going to be a huge star one day.
Genre of Music: folk - it sorta touches on all ranges of emotion and can go from really sad to upbeat...acoustic - it is more personal then having this great big band and such...hardcore/indy - it's loud, the shows are great, and it helps get anger out.
Languages: Italian - my family is Italian, my mother and I speak it and it is just rather romantic. Plus it is just something that connects me with my family.
Books: Girl Interrupted - great book, I adore anything dealing with psychology...Prozac Nation - a very honest book about what it is like to suffer from a mental illness...Cut - a great book on a serious topic, and it is very informative...Ellen Degeneres: The funny thing is - it's funny and she's a total hottie that I look up to a great deal.
Movies: Girl, Interrupted - loved the book, love the movie. Plus Jolie is great in it...28 Days - just a funny movie...If These Walls Could Talk 2 - who couldn't love a movie where you get to see Ellen and Sharon Stone having sex together?...Godfather movies - We're Italian, this movie is like my family's bible.
Plays: Cats - women in tight suits...Rent - just a great play...Vagina Monolouges - not sure if you can say this is a play but I like it and it hightlights very important topics.
Pick up Lines: "Have you ever dated an Italian woman...you should because we are known for our perfromance on stage, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom" - very true except I can't cook..."Lei sono la cosa piu bella che mai ho visto." - I like to speak Italian to girls because it sounds so romantic, plus once they ask you can say it is my little secret and wink at them...I really don't have any pick up lines.
Dance: I don't dance. I can break dance and I'm not bad at moshing (not that it requires skills), but I just don't like dancing really.
Insult: "You're a douchebag" - who likes being called a douchebag?..."ya know what, I could stoop down to your level but I'm going to be the bigger person here" - I don't like conflicts so I tend to just walk away from stuff..."You can go fuck yourself for all I care" - must I explain?
Quotes: "I fight with love and I laugh with rage, you gotta live light enough to see the humor and long enough to see some change" - Ani hit the nail right on the head with that one, it is sorta the way I live my life..."I'm a lady lover, I'm a lady leaver, just one taste and you'll be a believer" - Sorta explains what it is like to be a young single lesbian..."If you don't ask the right questions, every answer seems wrong" - it is just very true and sorta reminds me to think before I speak and such.
Vacation Spot: New Orleans - my hometown and it is just a very fun place to go...Chicago - a lot of diversity and a wonderful music scene...Charlotte - I spend a lot of time there and they have great weather and beautiful people.

Unique Personality Traits: (again please explain)
1. Compassionate - I truly do care about others no matter who they are.
2. Extroverted - I enjoy being around people and meeting new people...
3. Self driven - I don't need anyone to help me, I know where I am heading in life and there is nothing that is going to stop me from getting there and beyond.
4. Humor - I like to make people laugh, and I like to lighten situations with humor. People have a hard time taking me serious because of this though.

Based on who and what you are already, If you were turned into a ________, What and why would you be?
Tree: Willow - beautiful and very unique.
Part of House: bedroom, because it is where people express themselfs the most
Household Item: an worn out chair, because it has been there for a long time and has always supported people and no matter how bad you want to get rid of it, you know that it is worth more then any new chair.
Movie: probably Prozac Nation because it sort of describes what my life use to be like.
Genre of Time: 70's or 80's because they were just so fun loving and acceptance of people started coming into play.
World Dictator/World Icon: The pope...great man, doesn't speak much but is highly respected...I'd be a little meaner though and bitch slap a few people.
Animal: a cat because they are pretty, graceful, and have 9 lives.
Age: 20 would be a great age for me, not sure why but it would.
Character from a Brat Pack Movie: no clue...

Tell us a Story that you think best describes why we should let you be one of us
a few years ago I got wrapped up into drugs and after my best friend died I started writing poetry and playing music more often. After I started writing poetry I realized the pain I possessed and I ditched drugs and directed my attention towards my music and a career in Psychology. Over the years I have used poetry to not only help myself but to express feelings that I have towards others. The funny thing is, every time I have a bitter break up or something I will write a very mean yet funny poem or song directed towards them, and once I played a show that my ex was at and without her having a clue I played the song that was not only titled her name but was very harsh. My poetry and music has been read and listened to by many people, including some major musicians, and each one has said that I have something special going on that I need to embrace as much as possible. I don't see my writings as special, I see them more as each one being a story of what is going on in my life and a funny reference to homosexuality to lighten the mood. Sorry that was long and didn't make much sense...but thats me.

Lastly, Pictures

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